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Consulting Services

Needs Analysis and Business Process Design

We want to take our clients to the next level, working together to produce a CRM system that delivers real-world results. In order to reach this goal, we must start with a clear understanding of how your business currently operates and how it can be improved through implementing the new system. Once we have a shared vision of the results to be achieved, we develop a plan to get you there.

Installation and Configuration

You can rely on our experience for a smooth installation process as well as configuring the system to achieve the promised results. We will work with you to ensure a convenient transition with the least amount of downtime.

App Selection and Integration

Sometimes third-party apps are the best way to extend the functionality of a CRM system to fully meet your needs. We can often recommend the best one based on our previous experience. Where multiple competing apps may be appropriate, we can drive the evaluation to find the best combination of capability, reliability and support for your specific needs.

Integration & Development Services

In some cases, a CRM system and available apps may deliver 90% of what is needed for the way your business works, and a custom app is needed to bridge the gap. We can develop such a custom app and have a track record of developing  to commercial software quality levels and delivering on-time.

Integration Services allow data to flow between CRM and other systems. Such data can flow either direction and may be a nightly batch or real-time depending on needs.

Examples include MySQL based support ticket history flowing into Salesforce, GoldMine contacts flowing into a Microsoft SQL Server based billing system, Email Marketing click-throughs flowing into the CRM system and triggering a salesperson to call.

This is an area of specialization for us and one that we particularly enjoy. Solutions are limited only by your and our imaginations. We have even integrated Salesforce with GoldMine, with data flowing both directions so that different parts of the company could use each system but still be working together!

Migration Services and Data Cleanup/Consistency

When implementing a new system, importing existing data is an important final step before go-live.

Of course, we can assist with the straightforward importing of accounts, names, addresses and emails. We can also migrate historical information and other data from legacy systems into the new one. We can migrate GoldMine to Salesforce, Salesforce to GoldMine and migrate from most other systems as well.

Like Integration, described above, this is an area of specialization where we build a custom routine to migrate the data that others may say cannot be migrated. Whereas Integration provides ongoing updates that may flow in both directions, migration is specifically a one-time flow of data from old systems to new. 

Integral to proper data migration into the new system is data-cleanup and enforcing data consistency. A common decision is whether to perform cleanup before or after migration to the new system. Depending on the situation, we'll often do some cleanup before migration and the rest after the new system is live where we can take advantage of cleanup tools in the new system. We'll help examine your current data and recommend the best way to move forward.

Read the Relationship Automation White Paper on Migrating CRM Data between Dissimilar Systems.

Lead capture from the Web

Many companies have web sites, but how many actually take a proactive role in capturing those prospects and turning them into customers? Web data capture automatically takes prospect information from your web site, checks for duplicates, and adds it to your database and can trigger automatic actions like an email response or a sales rep call.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows us to take all your leads - whether captured from the web or any other source - as well as your existing customers, and put them in marketing campaigns. These campaigns may contain a combination of emails and phone calls. Particularly effective are periodic emails with click-through calls to action. When the recipient clicks a link in the email, we know they're interested and can trigger more responses such as a phone call from a sales rep, an additional email or something else. By automating some of the touches to prospects, your sales reps can focus their one-on-one attention on those prospects who are most interested and most likely to close.

Technical Support

We provide on-site, and much more commonly, telephone/remote support. Usually we are able to respond to client requests same-day, and many times immediately. You always have the option to book a specific appointment time, but we're also available on-demand.


No CRM system will fulfill expectations without the proper training of all personnel who will be using the system. We provide training as part of all implementations. Training and documentation is specific to your implementation so that everyone learns how the system will be used in your business.

All of our Business is Repeat Business

We have a high sense of urgency to get projects done to the highest level of quality. You won't find yourself wondering when or if your call will be returned or when a project will be completed. We strive to exceed expectations, but you don't need to take our word for it:

Unlike others, Relationship Automation does not require that you commit to an up-front retainer nor a monthly contract.. Our work is pay-as-you go with a 15-minute minimum.

We like to say that we have to re-earn your business with each session as you're under no extended obligation. We have a greater sense of urgency than most and a high standard of quality. Work will be done more expeditiously and at lower cost than you may be expecting.  You can try us out with something small and then continue if you are pleased with our service. Try us for an hour and see what you think!

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